Apparently, It's Too Wet to Fish the Trinity
Flickr user: Dallas1200am

Apparently, It's Too Wet to Fish the Trinity

Speaking of the Trinity River ...

Bad news for those expecting to fish the river this week for cash and prizes: We got word from Dallas City Hall late last night that the Trinity Commons Foundation has canceled the Carpe Diem Classic Fishing Tournament and Fun River Paddle, which was on the schedule for Friday. The reason?

Due to the continued rain and high water level in the Trinity River, event sponsors canceled the 2009 Trinity River Carpe Diem Fishing Tournament and River Paddle that was scheduled for Friday, November 6, 2009. "The safety of the participants is of paramount importance to us, and we are concerned about the high water in the Trinity River and the speed of the flow," said Mike Wyatt, event founder and executive director of Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc. The high water levels combined with the extremely wet condition of the Dallas Floodway were the determining factors in canceling what promised to be another exciting event along 14 miles of the Trinity River.

As you can see from the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Construction Camera ... oh, wait. It's still stuck on September 30. Never mind.

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