Are the Flaming Lips Playing NX35 in March? Sounds Like. But They Did Play Trees in '92.

There was a time, a looong time ago, when the Flaming Lips played Dallas so often I thought Wayne Coyne was a local. But local Lips performances are hard to come by these days; hence, Pete's 3:20 in the a.m. post about the band's long-rumored, now "likely" outdoor performance at the NX35 Music Conference in Denton in March. Haven't seen any official confirmation from conference organizers yet, but, if nothing else, it gives me good reason to post this recently unearthed footage of the band performing at Trees way back in '92. Also, after the jump, Wayne Coyne's Christmas gift to you: the Silver Trembling Fetus.

Update at 2:30 p.m.: Pete just posted The Official Confirmation over on DC9. As in, "The Flaming Lips' show will be a free, Saturday night performance to be held on an outdoor stage on Denton's Hickory Street." He's got plenty more details to go around.


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