Arlington Hooters Sticks It To "The Forces of Moral Correctness"

The Metro brief in today's Dallas Morning News doesn't do justice to Hooters' media release yesterday, in which the chain announced that after a two-and-a-half-year legal battle, it can now sell beer at its South Arlington location. (It claims it gave away some $1.2 million in beer while fighting for its right to sell it.) As in:

The case marks an end to the forces of moral correctness's efforts to impose their narrow views on the people of this community near Dallas. ... The fight began in 2005 when an ultra conservative community group from South Arlington was able to convince an elected judge to ignore the law and suspend the Hooters location's liquor license in the name of political expediency. ... Unfortunately for them they miscalculated the will of Kelly Hall, majority owner of Hooters in Texas through his franchisee company called Texas Wings Inc. ... "Clearly this extremist group underestimated the will of Hooters to pursue justice and wage this battle," said Mike Herrick, the Executive Vice President of Texas Wings.

And ... go. --Robert Wilonsky

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