Noe Medrano Jr.
Noe Medrano Jr.

As bcWORKSHOP Moves Into Dolphin Heights, a Filmmaker Tags Along

Things of which I am quite fond: Dallas. Documentaries. Brent Brown. And the work Brown and his bcWORKSHOP -- and the bcCORPS, quite an army -- are doing along Congo Street near Fair Park and, soon, in nearby Dolphin Heights. Noe Medrano Jr. has put them all together: The filmmaker is in the process of shooting wonderful mini-docs about the Dolphin Heights Initiative. A few weeks ago, he posted about bcCORPS's baby steps into the neighborhood; today, he posted another about the design of a "holding house," in which residents will live temporarily while their homes are being redone.

Writes Medrano on the bcCORPS's Web site, where he explains his project:

I am very excited to see the positive change that is going to occur in the next year in Dolphin Heights, and I look forward to capturing it on film, showing the world what happens when a group of people come together and create. I believe the story of Dolphin Heights will have the weight to inspire others to act, and I hope that I am up to the task of capturing that story.

Early evidence suggests he is. Jump for the films.

Dolphin Heights Initiative: Project Workboards from Noe Medrano Jr. on Vimeo.

Dolphin Heights Initiative: Holding House Design - Part 1 from Noe Medrano Jr. on Vimeo.


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