Ever see the doc Parking Wars? You really should.
Ever see the doc Parking Wars? You really should.

As Dallas Wrestles With Regulating Private Parking Lots, a Public Meeting Invite

At the end of March, the Dallas City Council's Transportation and Environment Committee took up the discussion of regulating a "relatively new practice being employed by private parking lot operators to enforce payment in their lots" -- booting cars. Parking lot owners, in a letter to the council, said, Look, it's better to boot than to tow, right? But there have been plenty of folks in recent months, especially in Deep Ellum, who claim they got the boot even after they paid the parking-lot box.

Just noticed that Angela Hunt has posted a notice of a public meeting at City Hall for Monday dedicated to Boot Talk. She's not pleased with the time -- 3 to 5 p.m., and "I don't know why this was scheduled during the day," she writes -- but nonetheless wonders if maybe you won't mind showing up to talk 'bout boots.

There have been a lot of problems lately with towing companies booting cars on private parking lots, especially in Deep Ellum. Since there are no laws on the books regulating booting, the city has responded by drafting restrictions to limit this activity. Please help improve this ordinance by taking part in an upcoming public meeting.


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