As Sale of HP Village Comes to a Close, Judge Tells North, Miller, Washburne to Work It Out

In mid-April, Larry North filed suit against Henry S. Miller Interests, which is looking to sell Highland Park Village, and Charter Holdings CEO Ray Washburne, who's looking to buy the National Historic Landmark. As we noted back then, the complaint stems from a dispute over a lease extension: North, whose gym is a 20-year tenant in the Village, claims Washburne won't let him re-up the lease. To which Washburne responded: "This is between North and the Millers." To which Henry III responded: He's "hurt and dismayed and shocked" by the suit.

North upped the ante last Wednesday, filing a temporary restraining order in order to halt the pending sale of the Village; Washburne and Miller filed their own TRO in response. To which Judge Bruce Priddy of the 116th Civil District Court responded late yesterday: Enough's enough, fellas. Sources familiar with the case say Priddy told all involved to sit down this Tuesday and "work it out," as there's been "some indication" both sides are ready to negotiate and end this argument.

Why Tuesday? Because, says a source close to Washburne, "we anticipate the sale to go through on Wednesday."

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