Ash Creek Residents Want More Time to Move. And the City Says...?

Photo taken by Ash Creek resident Jack Loughead

As you Friends of Unfair Park should know by now, the residents of the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park are supposed to be out of their homes by February 9 -- the date set by owner Steve Crossett in an eviction letter sent the first week of December. But Crossett is trying to rescind the date, sort of: He wants the city to give him, and the residents, a 60-day extension.

Four days ago, Crossett had his attorney, Sara Hollan from the firm Jackson Walker, send Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Richie, who deals with code compliance and has been leading the city's efforts to shut down the park, a letter asking for an extension. In her missive, Hollan says she understands the city is amenable to an extension and insists that one is necessary, because the residents, many of whom are elderly and all of whom are low-income, have not had enough time to find new shelter.

"As the city is well aware, the residents of the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park pay very low rent, many do not speak English, and others are elderly," Hollan writes in her letter to Richie, the entirety of which is available here. "The residents face several obstacles in leaving the homes they have owned, in some cases, up to fifteen years, Further, Mr. Crossett has been informed that the residents are facing an increased burden given the holidays and the fact that it is winter."

Hollan and Richie could not be reached this afternoon. There is no word yet on whether the city will grant the extension. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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