Ask Oncor! Really. Anything. Go Ahead. Do It.

Back in May we introduced you to Brenda Jackson, who had just been named Oncor's Chief Customer Officer -- and a more thankless job title you will not find. The gig, which I am sure she likes, and that was the question, was created following the fallout from the February snowstorm that left the powerless multitudes comforted only by the energy provider's answering machine, and how do you say "I love you" to an answering machine?

Anyway. At the time, I do recall, many Friends of Unfair Park said: P.R. stunt! And nothing more. To which Oncor responds today with an indignant, "Oh, yeah?" The company sends word of its new "Ask Oncor" site. Now, this isn't for reporting outages or asking when Oncor's coming to trim that tree still tangled in the power lines behind my house or nothin' like that. It's more like Oncor's Oracle: Ask a question, and within two days, Oncor will get back to you. Promise. Swear. From the release:

"We expect to get questions on everything from 'How do I switch retailers?' to 'What is a kilowatt?' and everything in-between," Oncor Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Brenda Jackson said. "Right now the site is in its first, simple phase. Over time and with customer feedback, it will evolve and change to become an even better resource for customers."

"Customer feedback." That, right there, that's an invitation.

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