At Dallas Walmarts, No PC Game Left Behind

First off: Happy birthday, Kirk Cameron. Hope you got something nice for your birthday -- maybe a copy of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species? Or, perhaps, a video game based on a movie in which you appeared. How about ... let's see ... Left Behind: Tribulation Forces. I know where you can get a copy: Dallas-area Walmarts, in which Inspired Media Entertainment is test-marketing sales of video games to the God-fearing; says the California-based CEO about the move into Texas Walmarts, "The U.S. market for Christian video games could reach $648 million within the next five years based upon just three percent of video game sales being in the Christian segment." Kirk, if you didn't get anything cool, let us know -- we'll bring you something on October 25, when you pay a visit to Robert Jeffress's First Baptist Dallas downtown. ("Friend Day"?) Unless we're too spent from having spent a Saturday with Hayden Panettiere.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky