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At Least J.R. Wants to Be Shot in Dallas (Again)

Like I wrote last week, TNT's coming to town this week (and good luck with all that) to see if its wants to shoot Dallas in Dallas, which I can't even believe is a question at this point. Neither can Larry Hagman, who was at an AARP dinner last night and offered his own hot sports opinions about where they should film the series. Says J.R.:

"They're still deciding where we're going to shoot it -- they're still dickering -- and they might make up their mind tomorrow. I'm not happy about it. We should shoot there. It's called Dallas, for goodness sake. Where the hell [else] should we shoot it? I can't believe this is even up for discussion. It's all about the hotels, the sets, all that stuff. Comes down to money. But I'd be less than thrilled if it was not shot there. I mean, come on, people -- it's called Dallas for a reason."
Mr. Ewing just made Janis Burklund's day.

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Robert Wilonsky
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