At Least There's No Need to Put Fireworks on Fair Park's Wish List This Holiday Season

Only a few months ago the city -- really, the Friends of Fair Park -- axed the Fair Park Fourth, because

there weren't no money for fireworks

. Then,

at the last minute

, City Hall found the dough in the back pockets of Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Neil and Kenny Goldberg. But that won't be an issue at the most wonderful time of the year: In the Unfair Park in-box arrives an invite to the MetroPCS Fair Park Holiday, scheduled December 4 -- one day before

the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon makes its move to Fair Park

-- and there is indeed the promise of "innovative" explosions in the sky. (Note to self: Find out who's sponsoring this.)

Here you'll find all the details for day's events, which begin at 9 in the a.m.. And they're myriad, because the idea is to tie in the city's tree-lighting ceremony and other holiday shopping stuffs with the marathon expo and a couple of shorter races scheduled for Saturday. Listed at the very tippy-top of the to-do list, the promise of a "spectacular holiday fireworks display from the rooftops of the Centennial and Automobile Buildings." Oh, Justin ...

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