At the New Park Lane Whole Foods, a Most Ginormous Selection of Beer

We'll have more from the Park Lane Whole Foods Market over on City of Ate in coming days, as the 62,000-square-foot behemoth prepares for its Monday-morning bow. Till then, sure, I could tell you all about the covered gardening center or how the supplements and cosmetics center looks like something from across-the-street neighbor NorthPark Center or how the wood used to build the produce section comes from the original Gilley's or that there'll be a taco cart on site beginning at 7 a.m. every day or how you can bottle your own balsamic vinegar or ...

In other words, it's a big place -- twice the size of the Lakewood location. Very impressive. But instead of show-and-telling you about all that, here's a shot down the not-entirely-filled-in 64-feet-worth-of-beer aisle, which sits next to the sprawling wine selection (1,000-plus labels), which sits next to the seven-stool beer-and-wine bar located in the middle of the store. There's another picture after the jump. I got to the store hungry. I left very, very thirsty.

Which reminds me: Where's that petition? I need to sign that sumbitch.

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