Avi Barks Up the Right Tree

Look at Avi Adelman -- all legit and professional. The Barking Dog's done gone and collaborated with WFAA-Channel 8 on a towing story, specifically one about how Lonestar Auto Services is illegally tacking on a $43.65 governmental entity charge when it hauls off your vehicle. And how'd Avi get on the story? He barks:

Lone Star's business manager, David Schweng, who was also their Lower Greenville spotter last St. Patrick's Day, contacted BD about six weeks ago (in his role as vice-president of the BelmontNA), saying he and his company president wanted to discuss over lunch how they could tow cars blocking residential driveways in the neighborhood from public streets. When BD countered they could only do this using a helicopter in order to avoid driving on city streets, he insisted they had a way to interpret the City's towing code in such a way that would allow them to do this. They wanted BD to pass the word to BelmontNA members, whom they hoped would call them for towing services.

BD contacted the City's Transportation Department and confirmed there was no way this could be legal. This is when BD starting asking Lone Star's staff some hard questions - which they refused to answer.

Repeated faxes to Lone Star's office asking for comments for this article have been ignored.

Lonestar's attorney has a very interesting interpretation of the law: He tells Channel 8 "the city of Dallas has no right to regulate these tow companies and their storage facilities." Really? Really? --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.