Avi'ng a Nice Day

Avi Adelman is a happy man--wow, ya don't type that sentence very often. But this afternoon he found out Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle fired three officers and two sergeants accused of misconduct involving forms of retaliation, and one of them was Sgt. Ramon Gonzalez. He's the patrol sergeant Adelman says sent him a nasty e-mail two weekends ago after the Lower Greenville barking watchdog called the cops to complain about noise coming from Suede Bar and Grill, the new joint owned by former Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano. (In short, the e-mail referred to Adelman as a "self serving piece of shit," and if someone got fired every time they called me that, there'd be a bunch of people looking for work. Nonetheless.) Adelman not only got the e-mail but wound up with his own ticket--for abusing 911--which the police are going to dismiss. According to The Dallas Morning News, "Chief Kunkle said he believed the sending of the e-mail was a serious matter because Sgt. Gonzalez was a supervisor who should have set an example for his officers."

Reached by phone moments ago, Adelman says he met with officers with the department's Internal Affairs Division the Wednesday after the incident, and he showed them how he figured out that the offending missive came from within the department. The meeting lasted an hour, and the department promised to handle the affair. Well, consider it handled.

"I am glad the department did something," Adelman says. "I have no feeling toward the officer himself, I am just glad the chief followed through and took care of this. [Gonzalez] made a mistake, he has to pay the price. Chief Kunkle promised me he would take care of it, he had a hard decision to make, and I am glad he made it."

Adelman would make no promise, however, that he would withdraw the T-shirts he's selling that read: "Call 911, Make a Cop Come," which have infuriated the likes of activist Sharon Boyd, who wrote of the shirts on her Web site on May 29, "There is no one in Dallas who can take a situation where he has all the sympathy on his side and by just being himself make everyone empathize and agree with the bad guys (the cops involved in this 911 fiasco)." He hasn't sold any yet, he says, but should someone place an order, well, for 20 bucks the shirt's all yours. --Robert Wilonsky

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