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Aw, Quincy Carter. And Just When the Dallas Cowboys Could Use a New Backup QB Too.

When last we heard from former Dallas Cowboys QB Quincy Carter, he was starting all over (again) down in South Texas. Two weeks before Christmas, he signed a contract with the Rio Grande Valley Dorados of arenafootball2, whose GM, Grant W. Buckborough, welcomed him as a savior: "Not only do we welcome a big name, but we welcome a guy with a tremendous arm who we hope will guide us deep into the playoffs."

But earlier this week, the league's owners voted him out -- said he was ineligible because of his affiliation with the Arena Football League's Kansas City Brigade last year. AF2 owners claim they're worried about filling up their league with AFL players sitting on the sidelines due to its suspended season. Which was not the worst thing to happen to Carter this week: At 2 this morning, reports Action 4 News in the Rio Grande Valley, Carter was arrested by state troopers on charges of driving while intoxicated.

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