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If you think you've seen Lea Thompson around town in recent days, well, chances are you have seen the Howard the Duck star. (Sorry, probably should have mentioned Jaws 3-D instead.) She's in town shooting a little something called Exit Speed, which is being directed by Scott Ziehl (Road House 2: Last Call, and, no, I am so not making that up) and which co-stars the great Fred Ward, a picture of whom hangs in my office (on a Right Stuff poster, though I have friends who prefer his work in Tremors), and Desmond Harrington.

Bet you didn't know this was the 20th anniversary of Some Kind of Wonderful. (Well, D's Eric Celeste might have known.) But what's Exit Speed about?

On Christmas Eve, ten passengers board an American Autocoach bus traveling across Texas. Most are heading for home, family and friends. Some are in search of new jobs. One, an Army deserter, is trying to stay a jump ahead of the Military Police.

On a deserted section of highway, the bus collides with a motorcycle ridden by a member of a meth-addicted, nomadic biker gang. When the passengers try to aid the injured man he opens fire on the bus. Terrified, the passengers set upon him and kill him.

Their act is witnessed by eight other members of his gang.

And so on, so says the Web site of Sabbatical Pictures, a downtown-based production company making its bow with Exit Speed. Says the site, Sabbatical wants to make two movies a year; so send your ideas here, 'cause, well, why not? --Robert Wilonsky

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