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"I got disappointed with [law enforcement]," George Malina says. "But, realistically, what were they going to do? Take everybody out and shoot them?

"The truth is, they didn't have it under control and it's still not under control. They got some users and some bottom-level mules. That's all. Because the big guys, you can't get them. They sit over the border and protect themselves."

The Plano Star-Courier has continued to count the deaths. According to the newspaper, since last summer's federal indictments, at least two youths "with ties to Plano" have died. Glasscock, meanwhile, is just tired of the attention. "We're kind of saying to the media, 'Go on to somebody else that's having this problem, because it's old hat. There's no more story here.'

"And I mean unfortunately what happened to us is, what we found the media doing is, if there was a death in Salt Lake City--you know...because he was a Plano student, that became a Plano death. So if there was a Plano link in some way, that became our death. And if you really look at the number of deaths that occurred within our jurisdiction, we're probably down around 12 to 14."

Whoever they are, the deaths continue. On March 29, 1999, another overdose victim was dumped on a sidewalk. Though the body was abandoned in Richardson, the victim, an 18-year-old named Yasa Khanbabaee, was known to Plano police. He gave Chris Cooper his first chiva.

According to an official death tally dated April 1, neither the Star-Courier nor Plano is counting Yasa Khanbabaee as theirs.

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Christine Biederman