Balls Out

I want it established here and now that I have no personal vendetta against Tony Danza, and that I have no specific or secondary knowledge of the nature of his private parts. But I do think that a press release headlined "Sisters Have Balls On Tony Danza" is one of the best ever to grace my inbox for a variety of reasons:

    1) The sisters have balls 2) The aforementioned balls are larger than Tony Danza's 3) Or they are physically placed on Tony Danza

I mean, any way you look at that, you win. Except for the balls in question are Sendaballs, not, you know, balls. They're playground balls used like greeting cards, mailed with pun-tastic messages like "Thanks, had a ball!" and "Bounce back soon!" The sisters in question are from Chicago, and they started Sendaball about 10 years ago. Their balls were recently featured on Danza's talk show.

I couldn't find a Dallas connection, so I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to talk about balls on the blog today. I did e-mail the ball people commending them on their awesome ball headline, however, and they replied with a key piece of information: Dallas' Nortel Networks is Sendaball's largest corporate customer. That means Nortel has some serious balls. --Andrea Grimes

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