"Bandit Signs," More than a Band Name.

No doubt, you already knew those handwritten signs "placed illegally on utility poles, bus stops and inserted in the right-of-way" that "frequently advertise real estate, health aids, garage sales and dating services" were referred to as "bandit signs." No doubt, this is how you roll. And perhaps you already knew the city was cracking down on those nuisances; maybe, in the middle of a garage sale, say, a code inspector dropped by for a surprise what-for, with a citation offered in exchange for your grandmother's beautiful old lamp.

In case you didn't think the city was serious, this morning's Quality of Life Committee briefing concerning enhanced code enforcement doesn't mince words; 30 new enforcement officials who were added in the new budget "are dedicated to code sweep efforts." Question, though: How long is the city going to let those campaign signs linger after next Tuesday? Because they always seem to last till Thanksgiving, at least. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Apparently, not enough of Your Council Members care about the city's Quality of Life, as there weren't enough of them to muster a quorum, thus forcing the cancellation of the scheduled get-together. Notes Rudy Bush, this ain't the first time this has happened in recent weeks.

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