Because Nothing Beats Spending a Saturday Taking Care of a Ticket

The City Hall Public Information Office sends word: You're now free to take care of your traffic citations on Saturdays starting tomorrow, matter of fact. It's called a Proof or Plea Court and will be held at the Municipal Court Building at 106 S. Harwood from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The caveat: That citation has to be no older than 21 days. So, then, how will it work? From the release:

Persons with citations in delinquent status may appear in Magistrate Court to resolve their tickets quickly. This court is available to any person who wishes to take care of their citation(s) by:
(1) Pleading only "guilty" or "no contest" to the case and pay the fine through a straight plea, request deferred disposition, driver's safety course, a payment plan; or
(2) Showing "proof" of compliance on the case by presenting a valid Texas driver's license, proof of insurance or financial responsibility, renewed or valid inspection sticker, or renewed or valid registration

As Court and Detention Services Director Gloria López Carter says in the release, "The benefit of this Saturday court is that people won't have to take off work to take care of their traffic citations."

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