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Because There Isn't Enough Reality TV Starring Dallas, More and More Opportunities Await

To the pile of reality series making camp in Dallas (Most Eligible Dallas , The A-List: Dallas, Storage Wars: Dallas featuring Roy Williams and on and on), add at least two more: HGTV's My First Place and Lifetime's America's Supernanny. Sooner or later, you will wind up in front of a camera. Whether you like it or not.

Last night, Meg Gould of the Dallas Film Commission sent word that HGTV is scouting for first-time home-buyers (or agents) around town -- and they need many, per casting director Sean Hauser's help-wanted ad. "We'll be looking for around 30 stories in the Dallas area," he writes, "so there [are] plenty of opportunities for you and any of your colleagues to be on TV!" And if you're selected, you'll receive "a monetary gift" and a DVD copy of your episode. So there's that. The application's on the other side for those who'd like to buy a first house with a camera crew in tow. But, first, ask yourself, are you "fun, high-energy people"? Sure you are. Well, maybe not you.

And then there's that nanny show's casting call, which I found on the film commission's website, where you'll find application info. Says they're looking for willing Texans, but it sounds awfully specific: "This season we're looking for families (with children from toddler to teens) with ordinary and extraordinary circumstances; parents with mean girls or bullying boys, blended families where both sides are seeking help, and parents of multiples."

At least TNT's next-gen Dallas starts shooting in a few weeks. Still, some days I really miss The Good Guys.

Dallas HGTV Application

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