Because We Just Can't Get Enough of the Black Widow. Now, With Video! (But, Alas, No Sound.)

A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that a video showing the arrest of Sandra Camille Bridewell in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been posted on YouTube: "This is the lady who got arested in dean and deluca where i work and i m getting this video for all u guys who love this kind of stuff," writes 23-year-old "goptim." (Spelling, schmelling.)

Shot from above, it appears that the video was taken from the Dean and Deluca security camera. Since it's, oh, a little hard to tell what's happening -- it's not what the kids would call "a talkie" -- here's the rundown: Dressed in a green shirt, the Black Widow enters from the right and sits at a table with Jim Moseley, son of Sue Moseley, the elderly woman from whom Bridewell is accused of stealing. He excuses himself, and several officers surround Bridewell and slap on the handcuffs.

It's like a boring, stop-motion-animation episode of Cops , but also one more reminder that cameras are everywhere. Yes, we see you. --Glenna Whitley

Bonus video: The Black Widow gets popped while drinking some bottled water.

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