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Bedhead, Now "More Than Ever"

For the benefit of the olds in the listening audience, here's a 10-year-old track I found whilst taking my cane down Amnesia Lane: Bedhead, performing Transaction de Novo's "More Than Ever" at Bennington College on April 20th, 1998. It'll do whilst Matt and Bubba Kadane and the rest of The New Year finish the band's forthcoming disc, due out sometime this annum. Still, though, I dare you to name 10 better and more influential bands to come from the DFW in the history of the guitar string. But it's hard to tell what makes this post essential: the pristine recording of so vital a song -- expansive, intimate, hypnotic, fragile, the familiar languorous Bedhead whisper that swells into a beautiful roar -- or the accompanying picture, in which Tench Coxe looks all of 8. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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