Before City Hall Shuts Down for a Week, a Great Actress Stops By to Stop the Sagging

Last night, Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall sent word that before everyone at 1500 Marilla Street goes on extended holiday vacay -- tomorrow's a furlough day -- there's one last press conference on the schedule. And it's quite the all-star jam session: Expected to attend the noontime presser are Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine R. Caraway and the great Irma P. Hall, a former teacher turned actor who's appeared in such films as Joel and Ethan Coen's The Ladykillers, Jonathan Demme's Beloved and the just-out-now Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

No doubt they're honoring Hall for her 30 years of teaching school in DISD; or for her founding the Dallas Minority Repertory Theater; or for her estimable body of work on stage and screen. (In awarding her a special jury prize at Cannes for her work in The Ladykillers, jury president Quentin Tarantino called her "a force of nature.") Oh, no, that's not it at all, is it, Magic Press Release?

Irma P. Hall, the actress best known for her role as Big Mama Joseph in the film Soul Food, joins Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine R. Caraway and community leaders to unveil the latest public education campaign against 'sagging'. The practice of wearing pants, shorts, skirts, or similar articles of clothing below the waist exposing undergarments in a public place is common among some youth.

As part of Councilman Caraway's ongoing effort to stop this practice, Clear Channel Outdoor will donate billboard space on two highway billboards and 20 smaller billboards across the City.

"Beyond protecting the public from acts of indecency, this is an effort to help young adults improve their self-image," Caraway said. "And this time, we have a special message for little girls."
Megan's going to find out just what the what that might be.

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