Before the Fireworks at Fair Park, Free Swim!

As promised, the great Justin Terveen is forthcoming with pictures from last night's jam-packed Fair Park FourthFifth. He'll need a little while to sort through his estimable stack of photos, but sends in advance this teaser -- the Esplanade Fountain filled with park-goers. Reports Justin, when he got there, 'round 6, the fountain was filled only with water till one brave lad decided to make a splash.

"All it took was one kid saying, Yup, I'm going in," says Justin. "Then it turned into a free-for-all. I turned by back for one second, then, all of the sudden, there were all these kids in the pool. And it was awesome. It made the event."

Justin sends this as well: "Things seemed to go on just long enough for all to enjoy the moment before DPD and park officials had to step in and clear everyone out. More adventures from atop the Centennial Building -- soon come..."

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