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Before the Sonogram Law is Born: Abortion, the Nanny State and Right-Wing Hypocrisy

Here's what I don't get. The right-wingers are always sneering about the "nanny state" -- government trampling their sacred rights as individuals by telling them what kind of light bulb they can screw in their lamps. But the same right-wingers want government to guilt-trip women getting abortions by forcing them to watch sonogram movies of their own fetuses.

How is that not nanny? That's like Nanny Get Yer Gun.

Abortion is an awful decision for any woman, and we have to hope it's almost as awful a decision for the male in the situation. But it's also a terribly private and fundamentally lonely choice to make.

It's about a woman, her own body, her conscience, another life, what lies ahead for a child in her life -- all manner of bone-crushingly dire factors the pregnant woman must weigh.

And you want Rick Perry in the room with her? The haircut?

Think about it. How do you enforce this crap? Are we going to have undercover state troopers posing as orderlies with secret cameras stuck in their hair-nets? It's difficult to imagine a more ugly government invasion of individual rights than this.

This is the case that puts the lie to all of the right-wing platitudes about freedom from government interference. They do not want freedom from government. They want to own the government themselves so they can send the jack-boots out to extinguish the freedom of anybody and everybody who fails to show loyalty and obedience to their orthodoxy.

You know, I am very very concerned about the foods we eat. I suspect the right-wingers of eating way too much red meat and fried foods. I'm just dead set against it. I think we should pass a law requiring people who want to buy steak in the grocery store to watch a full-motion video of their own elimination made by a camera installed in their own toilets.

Just a suggestion. Every once in a while it's a good idea for people to see themselves as others do.

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