Woodrow grad George Hale was on Larry King last night. Like this high-tech photo of their meeting? Very fancy.

Beirut Ain't Got Jack on Woodrow

George Hale, my son's fellow Woodrow Wilson High School alum who was evacuated from Beirut yesterday, was on Larry King Live last night, just as I said he would be. And he did Woodrow proud.

George, a student at George Washington University in D.C., was in Lebanon studying when the bombs and rockets started flying. Larry interviewed him after he got out. I think I heard Larry say George was in Salonika, Greece.

George was so great. Larry kept tossing him these TV set-up lines in hopes George would start wailing and rending his garments the way TV always tries to get people to do. But George was too cool for that fool. Their exchange is after the jump. --Jim Schutze Larry: "How did you get out, George?"

George: "A Norwegian crate ferry, yesterday morning, about 24 hours ago."

Larry: "Did you think you weren't going to make it?"

George, with a smile and a shrug: "No. We knew we were going to make it."

Larry: "How bad was it when you were there?"

George: "Uh, well, there were bombings the two nights I was in Beirut, but we moved to a northern suburb in Jounieh and Jubayl, and it was a lot less intense there. We could hear things in the distance, but it was nothing like Beirut."

Larry: "How will you get home?"

George: "Lufthansa changed my flight. They're going to fly out on Friday. It's really no big deal. That was the easy part."

Larry: "Could you see yourself going back to Beirut?"

George: "Sure, once this is all over. It's an amazing place. I've never seen anything quite like it, before last Tuesday. It's an amazing place. I hope to come back when this is all over."

Larry, with a chuckle: "Thanks, George. George Hale. He made it out."

My son was visiting from Austin, and we watched it together. We both agreed George knew exactly what they wanted him to do, and he wasn't playing along.

He's Woodrow, man. Beirut was nothing like Woodrow.

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