Bennifer Can't Do Dallas

Been a while since we've had some casting news about the movie Dallas, so here's a juicy tidbit: Seems Jennifer Garner, star of the uh-not-really-a-hit-hit Alias, turned down the role of Pam Ewing when she realized she'd be playing opposite Jennifer "Sue Ellen Ewing" Lopez--ya know, the former fiancee of Garner's hubby, the whatever-happened-to Ben Affleck. That's the saddest news ever.

In other Dallas-related news, Janis Burklund and the Dallas Film Commission are waiting to hear from 20th Century Fox regarding an incentive package sent to the studio in order to lure the production here. While Burklund, director of the commission, hasn't told anyone what's in the package--which is necessary because the state provides no money to lure production companies to the state--Unfair Park did find the following letter Burklund and Phillip Jones, president and CEO of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, sent to local businesses last month to guilt them into pitching in. Otherwise, the letter says, Louisiana "might steal Dallas to their state," those sumbitches. It's Big D, all right...desperate, that is, but with good reason. Read it after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Friday May 19, 2006


The DCVB and the Dallas Film Commission are working hard to bring the film Dallas, and 20th Century Fox, to shoot in Dallas and we need your help.

It's very possible Louisiana, which offers incentives to film companies, might steal Dallas to their state. Texas does not offer incentives to film companies, but we still have their interest and it's possible they might still come here to film with a little encouragement. Michael Costigan, Dallas' co-producer, has said he'd "prefer to make the whole film in Dallas," but "it's now going to come down to making the numbers work with our studio." (for more information visit: www.filmdfw.com and click on the "Shoot JR in Dallas" button.)

We feel that if the community is willing to help us put together a significant package of discounts and possibly even some comps to help bring this business here, it's not too late for them to decide to film most or all of Dallas in this area... but time is running out. We need help now!

Why should you help bring Dallas to Dallas?

If the entire film is shot in this area, it could potentially

� Spend $20 to $30 million locally over a 10 month period.

� Create as many as 300 direct jobs and approximately 650 indirect jobs for a possible total of 950 jobs.

� Fill 200 - 250 hotel rooms nightly during peak. This would likely be shared by a variety of hotels from mid-October through mid-February while the film is shooting.

� House a smaller number of production crew during the pre-production and wrap periods beginning in mid-July through Mid-March.

� All of these people will be spending their per diem dollars at local restaurants, and many will need to rent cars, limos, taxis, laundry and dry cleaning services.

� On their days off, they will be looking for entertainment. This will be wide spread and include things like any visitor... dining out, shopping, museums, concerts, sporting events, etc...

� Film crews work hard and they will want to know where and how to pamper themselves (not to mention the cast!)

What you can do:

Send a proposal letter to Janis Burklund at the Dallas Film Commission that tells us what you or your business is willing to offer, for example:


� Propose discounts for any rooms that are a part of the Dallas production, and deeply discount bookings that are over a certain number of room nights. Consider including some comps and suites for executives or cast members.

� Offer complimentary services, for example free parking, no charge for local calls, fax or copy services. Also consider free health club access, and discounts on services such as food, laundry, and spa.

� Offer discounted rates for catering and conference room spaces for meetings or gatherings by the group.


� Help these out-of-towners find you by giving them discounts or even some comps (you might have 300 new customers), possibly also offer discounts for large parties.

Transportation Companies

� These folks are going to need transportation. Get their business by offering discounted rates on car and vehicle rentals, bus rentals, limos, and taxi service.

Entertainment Venues

� Offer free or discounted tickets to all forms of events, don't forget movie passes! Consider extending invitations to attend a sporting event or concert in a luxury box, but not just to the stars... the studio and production executives are important too.

Health Clubs & Spa Owners

� These people work hard and do love pampering. Why not offer free or discounted passes or memberships?


� Think creatively about how to get these people to your stores or center for shopping. Possibly provide discounts. Whatever you give them, they are very likely to spend much more! Don't forget... shopping isn't just something they will do on their free time either, they will be purchasing clothing, and numerous items for props and set dressing to be used in the film too.

Other � The production will also need a multitude of things: office supplies, office equipment rental, lumber, paint, construction supplies, groceries for catering, craft service and personal needs too. They will also need to launder wardrobe regularly, hire security... the list goes on.

These are only a few suggestions. We know you will have your own ideas on how you might be able to help bring these dollars to our area, and to your business.

We don't want to lose Dallas to Louisiana, or any other state. Since our state does not have incentives to offer to ensure that this business comes here, we hope you can help us come up with a customized incentives package for their production.

Time is running out, we must have letters ASAP to provide the studio next week! Thank you for your help, and please feel free to call or email Janis with any questions (214/571-xxxx).


Phillip Jones President/CEO Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau


Janis Burklund

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