Six-year-old local rapper Bentley Green joins Ryan Secreast on Ellen DeGeneres' show tomorrow. Not makin' that up.

Bentley Green is Ellen DeGeneres' New Favorite 6-Year-Old Rapper

Normally, a 6-year-old taking his first plane trip would be a big deal to, I dunno, maybe his mom and dad (or possible the flight attendants who have to deal with his hyper ass). But Dallas young ’un Bentley Green -- a.k.a. BG -- took off Sunday on a flight from DFW to LAX that ought to ratchet up more just parental pride.

See, the kindergarten-aged BG is a rapper -- and a damn fine one at that. And in an one of those odd moments when Southern hip-hop culture collides with, uh, America’s favorite lesbian, BG is slated to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at 3 p.m. tomorrow, when it airs locally on KXAS-Channel 5.

Seems Ellen’s producers saw BG perform his YouTube jam, “The Dallas Mavericks Song,” at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Slam Jam at Moody Coliseum earlier this month and contacted Green, who in turn offered to write a rap specifically about Ellen, which is below. As for that Mavs rap, well, it goes in part like this: We don’t talk/We play/We focused/Y'all little boys can’t mess with the Mavericks/Ya’ll little boys best get away from Dallas.” Kids, they’re so naïve. --Jonanna Widner


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