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Best Night of Local Music Ever. Oughta Be, Anyway.

Aaron "T-Bone" Walker gets a Kim Pendleton makeover Saturday night. Can. Not. Wait.

Really, are you keeping your Saturday night open?

Already told ya twice about the impending Reunion Tower Revue taking place at the Sons of Hermann Hall; but third time's a charm, dig? Even better, we have a tentative line-up of who's playing what and when, starting with the Zounds Sounds kiddos opening the show at 8:30 p.m. (Marc Solomon, consider this your mitzvah, my friend.) After that, New Dallas pays homage to Old Dallas when the likes of Peter Schmidt, Sorta, Shibboleth and others offer up a winter's night's worth of made-in-Dallas country-rock-and-soul, commencing with Kim Pendleton (ex of Vibrolux) kicking it off with a renditions of "Trinity River Blues" (the debut single from Aaron "T-Bone" Walker) and "I See the Light" by the Five Americans.

Pendleton, like most of the artists performing Saturday, will have members of Shibboleth acting as her backup band. She'll be followed by the likes of Sorta's Ward Williams (doing Ronnie Dawson and the Floyd Dakil Combo's immortal "Dance, Franny, Dance"), Jen Nabb (performing Bobby Patterson's "I Do"), Peter Schmidt (Nervebreakers and N.C.M., natch), Sorta's Danny Balis (keepin' it alt.country with Jimmie Dale Gilmore's "Dallas" and Junior Brown's "Broke Down South of Dallas") and more...after the jump.

The night promises a most eclectic list of acts and influences; never thought Woodbelly's Cas Haley would wanna tackle both the Toadies' "Tyler" and Charley Pride's "All I Have to Offer You is Me," but what do I know? And most impressive, there's no snobbery here: You'll get as much top-o'-the-pops stuff (Boz Scaggs, Meat Loaf, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians) as the more obscure greats (Telefones and, yeah, two more Five Americans classics). And, like I said earlier in the week, Bobby Patterson will close the night out with his Holy Trinity, more or less: "How Do You Spell Love?" (made a hit by the Fabulous Thunderbirds), "She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You)" (covered by Jeff Tweedy and Golden Smog) and "I'm in Love With You."

The whole event, which was put together with the help of local photographer Hal Samples and All Good Cafe's Mike Snider, is a fundraiser for Family Gateway, which feeds, clothes, shelters and provides job-resource training for the homeless. So, in short: Great music for a great cause. Best idea ever? --Robert Wilonsky

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