Best Podcast Theme Song Ever

Really don't know how I missed out on the DallasGayPod; seems like something I shoulda been hipped to months ago. But now that I've discovered it, I want to direct your attention to its theme song, which you can download as a ringtone should you so desire it. And you should, because once you hear it, you will never get it out of your head. Everyone now, "Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna say, you're gay, you're gay, you're gay, you're gay ... DallasGayPod."

And if it really catches yer fancy, and it will, long-term-memory-havers Merritt Martin and Noah Bailey actually remembered that particular song being performed by Sextricity at Rock Lottery 8 in October 2006. Seriously -- Cindy Chaffin has the live version, which is a little slower than the original, just how we like it. Sextricity, of course, was fronted by Dan Paul -- who says he's a "charming mix of George Michael, Bowie, Tori, and something all his own." Like Noah Bailey, come to think of it, who's very proud of our collaborative effort at "investigative reporting." --Robert Wilonsky

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