Bible Girl Gets Religion

I've been wondering why we've been getting so many comments in recent days attached to Bible Girl's September '06 piece about "the mystery of sexual orientation," already one of her greatest hits. Turns out, it's the piece linked to in a profile of Bible Girl that appears on GetReligion.org, where Our Editor answers a few questions for the well-read and well-regarded Web site that deals with all things godly and otherwise. But we're still a little confused by the opener:

If Russell Chandler, retired from the Los Angeles Times, is one of the gold-standard names in traditional religion-beat work, then our second subject represents a much edgier style of reporting from the post-1960s alternative press. The work being done by Julie Lyons in her Bible Girl columns at the Dallas Observer represents a kind of neo-European, advocacy version of the Godbeat in modern niche media.

"Neo-European." Is that what they call The Matrix in France? --Robert Wilonsky

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