Bible Girl. Heard of Her?

Seems Observer editor Julie Lyons' latest Bible Girl column has become all the rage; really, can't imagine why. But people have things to say about it; every time we check the comments waiting in the moderation queue, which is to say every few minutes, there's usually one or two anxiously waiting to be unleashed so they can banter and bicker with the other kids in the holding pen. I predict it will pass the comments for that initial Standard & Pours item by, oh, Yom Kippur.

So before we leave for the weekend to go have ourselves a very Jewish New Year--well, some of us, probably not Bible Girl--we thought not only would we direct your attention to Julie's column once more but also Rod Dreher's thoughts on Julie's piece. Dreher, as you should know, is the editor of The Dallas Morning News' Sunday Points section and author of the book Crunchy Cons, which you can and should buy here. Dreher, writing on Beliefnet, says what even Julie's detractors have to acknowledge: "Julie Lyons is one brave woman." Of her columns this week and last week, he also writes, "Love her or hate her for it, it's fearless stuff. And considering how conformist media circles are, even as they congratulate themselves on their freethinking ways, admirably courageous." --Robert Wilonsky

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