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Big Bucks Doesn't Have Home for Eight-Track Museum. But He Does Have Dylan's Harmonica.

A few months back, Big Bucks Burnett was so, so close to setting up his Eight-Track Museum in Deep Ellum, till the deal went south and it was back to zero. But last night -- meaning, at 12:10 this morning -- Bucks sent word: Not only is the former 14 Records proprietor and Mr. Ed obsessive "currently in the final negotiation stages for a permanent Museum space in Dallas," but he also "expects to announce the grand opening soon." Which actually wasn't the point of the most affable press release of the weekend:

The Eight Track Museum of Dallas, Texas has acquired Bob Dylan's stage harmonica, used at his Ft. Worth performance on Nov. 24, 1978, during his Street Legal tour.

"I was sitting second row center, and saw Bob throw the harmonica to a girl I knew on the front row, Linda Williams, during "Blowing In The Wind," explains Bucks. "It was quite a moment. All of us gasped."

Linda Williams gave the harmonica to her date, Dallas music writer Tim Schuller, who kept the harmonica for 32 years. Burnett and Schuller met in 1977 when they both worked at Peaches Records in Dallas.

Says Burnett, "I've wanted this harmonica ever since that night when Bob threw it to Linda. I'm grateful to Tim for selling it to The Eight Track Museum, and looking forward to giving it a home where people can see it."

Which leads us to this most very bonus For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure installment: I couldn't find the '78 Fort Worth show. But I did find Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue's May 16, 1976, roll through the Tarrant County Convention Center. Considered by many to one of the best live Bobs out there -- as in, second-best after a '62 NYC cafe gig. Also considered among the most "influential" boots in history. Having listened to the first half, can't say I disagree with either assessment.

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