Big Dallas Hair Goes Big Apple

This is the week -- Mercedes-Benz Spring 2007 fashion week, to be more precise, currently under way in NYC -- during which I temporarily suspend my hatred for women who can afford to shop at places other than Forever 21 and gaze longingly at thousands of runway photos. All kinds of famous folk will be on hand to purge in Bryant Park port-a-potties together. And then there's the USA International Fashion Show's "New York City Couture Fashion Week," which is more like a weekend, February 9-11. It's at the Waldorf Astoria (big points), but that seems to be about the extent of the true glamour; there are no Chanels, Guccis or Versaces on this bill. Instead, featured designers such as Jamil Khansa and Gordana Radic will be doing what they can to take tacky to new heights.

In the time-honored tradition of things from Dallas never quite rocking as hard as they could (what's up, Ghostbar?), one of our very own will be styling hair for the "week." Dallas-based celeb hairstylist Shereese Slate, whose Web site says she's done 'dos for Christina Aguilera, Patti Labelle and Ciara, has been named "premier fashion hairstylist" for the show. I hope she's got some serious style chops, because I don't think anybody's going to see anything within five feet of this bridesmaid gown gone wild. But Shereese seems up to the challenge: Anybody with an Oprah-tastic eponymous magazine can probably handle it. Got to get me a subscription, stat. --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.