Here's what Lisa Martin's nymphomaniac dust bunnies look like. That one in the tie looks like a real perv.

Biting the Dust

As someone whose job is to regularly write about embarrassing herself, I guess things like the American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning dust bunny contest shouldn't surprise me. But I am, unfortunately, surprised. It's not as bad as publicizing your children's bad behavior on Supernanny, but entering a contest in which you have to have the dirtiest house to win ranks pretty high up there in the category of crazy things people will do for prizes of questionable value.

Arlington's Lisa Martin isn't bothered, though. Her house is verily overrun with dust bunnies, and she wants you to know all about it. She also wants you to vote for her after you read her tale of woe, in which she laments: "Like their flesh-and-blood counterparts, our dust bunnies multiply with abandon."

Vote for our neighbor Lisa. If she wins, she gets some filtering contraption known as an AccuClean, monthly house-cleaning service for a year and a couple of new bathroom faucets. Gawd. Faucets, a filter contraption and house cleaning. Are these really the things adults will willingly embarrass themselves to obtain? I don't wanna grow up. --Andrea Grimes

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