Bill Hearne's been accused of stalking his former bassist.

Blind Musician Accused of Being a Peeping Tom

Whenever folks ask me why I would move from a comfortable gig as a music writer in Santa Fe to the 105-degree-heat, concrete and overdeveloped jungle of Big D, I tell them it's because of wack-ass stuff like this story about Dallas-born-and-bred, Santa Fe-relocated musican Bill Hearne, who has been slapped with a restraining order for alledgedly stalking his former bass player, Susan Holmes.

According to the story in Santa Fe's daily (big shout out to the alt-weekly Santa Fe Reporter's editor Julia Goldberg for sending me the link), Holmes' complaint claims, among other things, Bill Hearne would go to Holmes' gigs and make faces at her. She also alleges he stared at her through her office window two days in a row. Which is odd, since Hearne is blind.

In my years in Santa Fe I heard Hearne play many times, and he's one of the best flatpickers you'll ever hear. He and his wife, Bonnie, have shared stage and studio with Lyle Lovett, Jerry Jeff Walker and other roots luminaries and are favorites year after year in the Santa Fe Reporter's Best Of issues, which are voted on by the public. So I'm hoping the story ain't true. Oh, sure, he could get off on that old "blind people can't stare" technicality, but I'm hoping it's just one big misunderstanding. Say it ain't so, Bill, say it ain't so. --Jonanna Widner

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.