Blockbuster Has Seen the Future, and It Looks a Lot Like ... Your Computer

Also holding its annual shareholder meeting today was Dallas-based Blockbuster, where the, uh, rockin' new-ish CEO Jim Keyes debuted the future of the video and gaming rental company: in-store kiosks from which customers can download movies onto portable devices in a matter of minutes. Only, a few caveats as the kiosks are initially launched solely in a couple of Dallas outlets in coming months: For now, they'll only work with devices made by Archos, and, yeah, ain't got one of those -- you? And there's a monthly subscription fee of $10, in addition to the fees necessary for buying or renting the videos. And, another downside: You have to go to Blockbuster. Still, it's the future! --Robert Wilonsky


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