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With the giant music festivals of summer upon us, music bloggers across the land have been typing the skin right off their fingertips, hoping to document all the things (the bands, the bizarre weather, the hippies) that make events like Sasquatch, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza so memorable. Obviously, anyone with a computer and an opinion can join them, but it's a whole lot easier when someone else is footing the bill for tickets, hotel rooms and airfare. Project D.U.'s "Be Our Field Blogger" Contest offers just that, giving would be bloggers the chance to win a free trip for two to September's Austin City Limits Music Festival, along with a press pass to get you into the oh-so-exclusive press area complete with packages of peanut butter crackers, bottled water and the chance to see Tom Petty's motorcade ("the glamorous lifestyle of music bloggers," indeed). Entrants must send a writing sample to show they can "evoke the passion, the emotion and the fanaticism that comes with multi-day music festivals." Your submissions will be judged by a team of music bloggers--including Stereogum, Scenestars, Chromewaves and Largehearted Boy, or everyone who makes up The Hype Machine--and music blogging experts, whatever that means. In addition, we suggest some serious heat endurance training, since it's impossible to field blog when you're passed out in the medical tent. The deadline to enter is June 21st. --Noah Bailey

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