Blow, Steve

Steve Blow writes today on The Dallas Morning News's Metro Blog about Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, the Trinity River toll road and Blow's own support of Leppert in the past:

Yet I don't feel misled by the mayor. In thinking about it, I finally hit upon the pertinent word for me: "feasible."

I understood the mayor to simply be countering the arguments of the opponents who were characterizing the toll road as an absurdity, an impossibility, a pipe dream, etc., etc.

Did the mayor talk enough about the many engineering, flood safety and environmental hurdles left to cross? Perhaps not. But they certainly weren't kept secret.

Steve. Steve. Steve.

The issue here is devastation of downtown Dallas. Loss of life. Property loss that would exceed the value of property lost in Katrina (because Katrina was a rising water flood in residential areas, but a levee break in downtown Dallas would be a rampaging water flood in a high-rise district).

Steve. Steve. Mayor Tom Leppert told Dallas voters the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had "signed off" on all these issues. They had not signed off. It was a lie.

The mayor told voters the issues had been resolved. It was a lie.

The Corps had told the city repeatedly that the issues had not been resolved. Your own newspaper has reported that fact.

Steve. He's the mayor of Dallas. His job is to look out for the welfare of the citizenry. Instead of lying about flood dangers, he should have been jaw-boning the Corps to make sure the flood dangers really were resolved, even if that meant not building a toll road between the levees.

But mainly, it's this, Steve. The mayor has made a fool and a whore of you as a journalist, as he has also of the editorial page of your newspaper.

You know what you should be? Quiet. Very quiet on this topic. For a long time. Maybe forever.


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