Be Blunt about it: This is probably not how Ticketmaster intended to promote James Blunt's upcoming local show

Blunt Trauma

I'm not saying I got really freaking excited when the Ticketmaster newsletter arrived this morning announcing that

James Blunt

will perform May 8 at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie. I'm not saying I immediately stopped what I was doing and went straight to the


site to see when I could purchase tickets (tomorrow at 10 a.m.). But I am saying I noticed something strange on the Ticketmaster site. And I am saying I took a screen capture and enhanced it so you can see too. (In case you can't tell, someone added, "PLEASE KILL THIS EVENT THANK YOU.") Does someone have it out for my man JB? And how did pages for

Joe Satriani


Kenny Rogers

come out unscathed? After e-mailing, calling, smoke-signaling and bribing Ticketmaster with

chocolate truffles from Whole Foods

, I finally reached Mike in customer service. Mike had no idea what was going on with the page, but promised to "pass that along" to his supervisor. Apparently he did: The page was shut down for a while, then updated seconds ago, with the plea erased from the site.

—Andrea Grimes

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