Bobby Goldstein Cheating on Dallas By Opening Offices in British Columbia

The Vancouver Sun brings word this morning that Bobby Goldstein -- the man behind Cheaters and former-KTVT'er Robert Riggs's boss since February -- is opening an outpost in British Columbia this month. Right now, he's got about 30 folks working out of the Lovers Lane HQ, but it seems Goldstein's had a pad up there for more than a decade, and, like every other film- and TV-bizzer looking to make product for cheap, Goldstein espies great potential in Hollywood North. Which'll come in particularly handy as Goldstein moves into movie production beginning with a horror picture titled Shaming Evil.

Still no word on Riggs's iaccuse.com, the "Wild West" complain-about-anything site is still under construction. But The Sun does shine a little light on yet another Goldstein endeavor on the drawing board: "Goldstein is also in production on Divorce Party, a reality series that profiles divorcing couples and has an online component where viewers can side with one party or the other." Both Cheaters and DP will remain made-in-the-U.S.A.

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