Boo! It's the Dixie Chicks!

The Dixie Chicks doc, Shut Up & Sing, opens locally in a couple of weeks; I know, yer thrilled. Till then, there's this from New York magazine's latest issue concerning Chick Natalie Maines and her hometown of Lubbock; seems she ain't too popular there, can't imagine why. But we're a little confused by this one sentence from the New York piece:

The documentary's trailer provoked prolonged boos when shown in Dallas.

Where? Dunno? When? Can't say. Who booed? No idea. Never heard that story till just now. Don't really believe it. What was it The New York Times said three days ago? Oh, yes: "Negative Publicity Is the New Hot Hype." But in case yer sitting at your desk and feeling like belting out a boo--you can always just blame it on Halloween, right?--here's the trailer for Shut Up & Sing, which, is you must know, is pretty damned good. --Robert Wilonsky

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