Brace Yourself For the Future of Downtown, Coming In Two Weeks to the Convention Center

This arrived in the in-box mere moments ago: an invitation to The Formal Unveiling of the Downtown Dallas 360 plan, the first holiday party of the season. After all, you paid for the plan (close to a million, once you factor in the late-addition parking study), so you might as well get to see what MIG has to offer after the myriad updates offered in recent months.

Save the date: Monday, December 6, 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Dallas Convention Center in Ballroom A. From the invite:

Downtown Dallas 360 is an action-oriented plan that will provide a blueprint for the next center city revitalization. From economic development and housing, to public space, transit, and parking, the 360 plan outlines key strategies and special recommendations that will ensure continued development of a vibrant and sustainable Downtown. Join the City of Dallas and Downtown Dallas, Inc. for a presentation of the final draft plan and conversation focused on implementation, priorities and action.

And now, to the list of the 260 other land-use plans, just since 1979, presently stored somewhere at Dallas City Hall. (Condominium Conversions in Dallas?) Me, I prefer the classics.

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