Broden's Camp: He's Within Striking Distance of EBJ. At Least, He Was Before the "Revolution."

Small wonder the Stephen Broden camp is gnashing its teeth over the Brad Watson violent-overthrow interview. Just before Channel 8 ran the interview in which congressional candidate Broden said violent uprising is "on the table," Broden's campaign says it had received polling data showing Republican Broden within six points of beating incumbent Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson in the 30th District contest next week.

That's amazing.

Johnson, a 17-year veteran, should have been invulnerable, and Stephen Broden should have been Stephen who? The fact that it's now a bit of a horserace is a bit of an earthquake.

Michael Flusche of the Broden campaign told me the campaign received results of a poll commissioned by Allyn Media showing Broden within six percentage points of beating Johnson among loyal longtime Democratic voters. Flusche said when Broden received the news during a conference call, "His jaw almost hit the floor."

There was a caveat, however.

Flusche said Broden was only within six points when the people doing the poll brought up the Eddie Bernice scholar-gyp scandal to the people they were interviewing. Johnson dished thousands of dollars intended for deserving students to her own grandchildren and the children of top aide Rod Givens, none of whom live in her district. She justified it later by saying, among other things, that there aren't that many deserving kids in her district.

Flusche said when pollsters did not mention scholar-gyp, "We were somewhat farther back" in the percentages. He said nobody knows where it stands now, with the violent overthrow thing on the table.

It's kind of amazing, really, that there's even a table.

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