Browns Fans Can See Into the Future

Should you happen to miss the first, oh, 10 plays Your Dallas Cowboys run Sunday against the Cleveland Browns in the Dawg Pound, the Browns forum on Scout.com has 'em for you. Here is but a taste: "Play action-fake handoff to Barber inside, Romo 13 yard pass to Witten in the right seam. First Down (picking on Eric WRight and Hall, Peak's replacement)." But even better is a comment below that, which offers an alternate future, much like an episode of Star Trek. Here's Play No. 7:

Pac Man is now the only player in the backfield, and takes a shotgun snap. Its unclear what the play was, but what is clear is that Pac Man's days of "making it rain" are over, as are his days of eating solid food. The official stats show Nick Sorensan making the tackle, but that's because his number is the only one of the 11 Browns on the crumpled heap of Pac Man that can be recognized by the scorer, and because he found the ball somewhere in there and ran it back for a TD.

The actual game now promises to be little more than a letdown. --Robert Wilonsky

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