Shealah Craighead/White House
Bush, a Giant Among Comedians

Bush, a Giant Among Comedians

Swore I wasn't gonna mention Jessica Simpson for at least one more day, but this one's too good not to mention -- because when the President of the U.S. and A. uses her name as a punch line, well, we are through the looking glass. The New York Giants took a trip to the White House yesterday, where George W. allowed the Super Bowl champs to stand on the grass whilst he said a few kind words. After comparing himself to QB Eli Manning -- "Eli has a father and a brother in the same business he's in. Sometimes the press are skeptical. And he just survived a big wedding." -- Bush alluded to the Giants' playoff run and the Yoko Romo-ing of Your Dallas Cowboys:

You stormed through Tampa Bay and then went into Dallas -- I'm a good sport. (Laughter.) We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democrat National Convention. (Laughter.)

I coulda sworn it was referred to as the Democratic National Convention. But, see, he does read the newspapers. --Robert Wilonsky


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