Bush Is in the Back: A Video Round-Up!

The George Bush was in town yesterday. No, not that one -- this one. Bringing up the rear too. The trip was well-documented with two videos captured by "unkonshus," who deems the occasion a significant one, as ol' No. 41 was "in [the] Dallas city limits for the first time in over 4 years." See for yourself, if you're into watching trains being pulled ... which, hunh, does not sound right at all. And for those in need of some outdoor time but without the time to get outdoors, "ricktx105" has just posted a nearly 10-minute video consisting of nothing but footage of the Trinity River Audubon Center and the Great Trinity Forest -- so peaceful it's almost like getting in an afternoon nap.

Big Bob Jeffress's First Baptist Dallas has come up with a catchy new name for those who can't find the time (or, um, money) to tithe: 310 Living. Which is the opposite of Matthew McConaughey's new 420 L-I-V-I-N program. And, to wrap up, you can't go wrong with puppy dogs: The City of Dallas's "Pet of the Week" is Sadie, a 12-week old female Australian Shepherd who's been vaccinated, micro-chipped and sterilized for your protection. Awwww.

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Robert Wilonsky
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