But How Soft Were the Sheets?

An Irving-based company called Falcon Physician Reviews has filed a lawsuit in Dallas County District Court claiming that a local hotel's not being very careful with folks' personal information. Falcon, which helps med-school students pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination, alleges in its suit that Younan Hospitality Group LBJ Dallas L.P. mishandled "certain credit card information [taken] between September and November of 2005 after students and teachers stayed for several weeks" at the Holiday Inn Select North Dallas. Falcon says the hotel is owned by real estate investor Zaya S. Younan, "who also owns 4 million square feet of office and lodging space in Dallas." Younan, who explained his business philosophy to the Dallas Business Journal last November, isn't quoted in Falcon's press release, which was issued through the subscription-only Business Wire; fact is, he probably doesn't know about the lawsuit since it was just filed, and surely he has other people to deal with legal issues like this one. Nonetheless, says Falcon's local attorney, David Curtis, "Losses from fraudulently charged credit cards were substantial"; he also suggests there may be some identity theft involved but offers no proof. Falcon's also upset that this particular Holiday Inn didn't have the high-speed Internet access it promised. No word on how cold the orange juice was at breakfast. --Robert Wilonsky

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