Tommy Lee spun some records Saturday night at Ghostbar, which which we mean he hit "play" on a computer keyboard. This picture is not from Saturday night.

But was There Smokin' in the Boys Room?

I already fear for Ghostbar, the top-o'-the-W-Hotel bar that opened last week. Tommy Lee was there Saturday--yes, he of Motley Crue and

failed back-to-school specials


popular amateur porn

. And

from the looks of it

--by which we mean the 75 pictures snapped Saturday night by WireImage--the place is already starting to look like the deli section of your local grocery, as in cheesy. How can a guy have that many tats and that much sex and still look like a dork? Hey, for this the taxpayers forked over $150 million? Bad deal.



--Robert Wilonsky


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